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What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Reputation is Our Measure of Professionalism

James Farrell

Blue Point Solutions, LLC

I have worked with Joe Ariyan since 2001. Over the last 20 years, his office has recovered on even the most difficult of files, especially in challenging the carriers on out-of-network reductions. He is one of the elite few who can recover receivables properly and always keep me informed throughout the process. His aggressiveness, knowledge and attention to detail are proven in his long-term success. His firm is simply one of the best.

Franco Rizzolo

RevPro Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Over the years Joe and the staff have proven their worth to our practice and our medical provider clients. They are thorough and accurate in their work which is much appreciated.

Board Certified Neuroradiologist

Joe, Dan and Donna are top-notch in PIP. They never quit on a case.

Bill Right of NJ, LLC

As a medical biller, it is critical that we know our providers are represented by the best. Our arbitrations are given all the attention needed to succeed on every case.

Board Certified PMR & Pain Management

It is no exaggeration to say that Joe and Daniel have properly guided my office through the handling of arbitration matters. All attorneys in this field are not equal. They go above and beyond with personal service and the work product of their office is proven with dramatically increased receivables.

Board Certified Pain Management Physician

Joe’s office is excellent from beginning to end. They review the file, prepare the file and win. Their service is a great way to recover revenue the carriers keep for themselves.

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